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Episode 1: The Thames

Every river has a story to tell.

So many of the world's greatest cities have been built off their rivers. Their history, their culture, their spirit & their dynamism stem from them. But there is so much more we can learn from them.


The Thames is the core narrative for our first film. For without the river, there would be no London. In the film, we follow the water from leafy upstream surrounds - where iconic buildings crowd its banks, to the wide expanses of the estuary and docks where the river welcomes the world and its goods.


We filmed from the banks, from the sky (via drone) and from the water itself from a boat we sailed from Henley to the Thames Estuary across three different filming days. We then overlaid our footage with facts and quirky tales of the river from past and present.



This is the first in a series of films about Britain's waterways.

We are planning a series of films about Britain's waterways, capturing their beauty, highlighting their history and underlining their relationships with the communities around them. 



These are some of the facts that made the final cut.

The name comes from the Roman "Thamesis" - meaning wide or dark water . The Thames is 215 miles long. It travels through 9 countries and 16 cities. There are over 190 islands - or aits - along the Thames. People have been living off the river since 3000BC. Henry III received a polar bear from Norway and it was often seen hunting in the river. The river was once so polluted it was known as 'The Great Stink'. Canaletto, Turner and Monet are among those to have painted views across the river. On average, 1 body per week is pulled from the river. 2/3 of London's drinking water comes from the Thames. 1 drop of rain that falls at the source will pass through 8 people before it hits the sea.